Infection Control

Infection Control

Whether building a Robotic Operating Room, Transplant Unit, Treatment Room or common corridor, MPS has developed highly effective infection control policies and procedures. MPS protects patient care and maintains the highest infection control standards by working in conjunction with facility infection control staff, .

Our Infection Control also includes:

  • Daily checklist for ICRA/ILS (Infection Control & Interim Life Safety)
  • Building ante rooms for entering and exiting the construction site
  • Environmentally Controlled Units (ECU Tents) on above-ceiling work create a contained working environment for MPS personnel without compromising the surrounding environment
  • Magnehelic gauges monitor and maintain negative air pressure within contained construction areas
  • Fire retardant poly containment
  • Tacky mats
  • Clean air scrubber machines with 99.97% HEPA filtration
  • Pre-filtered, negative pressurized air, exhausting to the outside
  • MPS monitors everything from traffic and security to cleanliness
  • Posting personnel outside construction area doors with cleaning supplies to ensure a clean and safe passage
  • Staff trained to assist in evacuation routes, if necessary
  • Infection Control Permits;  Above-ceiling Permits, and Penetration Permits are documented and kept on site

MPS works directly with owners and Storage Room 103 - Zipper Door 2staff to ensure that infection control is in compliance with all federal, state and hospital requirements.











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“Infection control is one of our specialties. It’s a critical part of being good health care contractors. You have to understand that it could be your mother, grandmother, sister or baby in that facility … and even the smallest particle could infect them……..We filter everything.”

Michael P. Stratis


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