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Simply put, MPS Construction & Design helps your company grow into your future.worker images

MPS work importantly is our focus on the human element. Our focus is not only on bricks and mortar but on the people our buildings will house, heal or help.   That makes us who we are with design teams and owners to build projects on schedule, in or under your original budget, all while safely striving to reduce impact on your company’s ongoing operations.


At MPS Construction & Design, we are dedicated to significantly serving our clients, our communities and our people. MPS is more than simply a place to work. MPS is a team of dedicated people, a family of like-minded professionals all wanting to build it right, build it safely and build it on time.


MPS leadership starts with core values combined with ethical ideas that have earned us our solid reputation.

MPS Core Values include:

  • Commitment to Safety
  • Commitment to Teamwork
  • Commitment to Excellence.
  • Commitment to People
  • Commitment to Stewardship
  • Commitment to the Work Environment
  • Commitment to Integrity

We listen to you. We develop a safe strategic plan with you. Then, we build the future for you

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Main Dining Room

Without interrupting one single meal, MPS Construction and Design renovated the largest private hospital in San Antonio’s Main Dining Facility public spaces. This project entailed the demolition and replacement of the entire ceiling while keeping the facility in operation. Now Methodist Hospital has a new food service line, new service equipment, new cashier’s stations  and new dining areas.

Da Vinci Robotic Arm

MPS Construction Design was the first company in South Texas to install a state of the art daVinci Surgical System. Since that time, MPS has performed 3 separate daVinci installations.

Adult ER Canopy

MPS is currently constructing an ambulatory canopy for the Methodist Hospital Adult Emergency Department. This is a completely new construction project.

Methodist Hospital OB & Triage

MPS Construction undertook a remodel and expansion of the OB Department & Triage areas at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. MPS Construction and Design renovated an eight bed triage unit that serves the Women’s Center at Methodist Hospital. This project became a building addition and new construction project that culminated with eight triage beds and a nursing station. This project utilized all our expertise in working around staff and patient needs as we accomplished this in only 6 weeks!

Lobby Expansion

MPS Construction Design worked with Methodist Hospital on a complete redesign and renovation of the main entrance lobby. This project entailed demolition of the main entrance, a major addition to and total renovation of the existing lobby space including the exterior facade, new AV services and reception, information, and volunteer desks.

Adult ER – Methodist Hospital

The Adult Emergency Room renovation by MPS Construction and Design was a complete multi-phase renovation including exam rooms, waiting room, and triage area. At all times, the hospital kept the emergency room in operation. MPS worked with the Emergency Department to complete this renovation in phases so as to not compromise the ongoing operations.

9th Floor Neuro

MPS Construction and Design completed a total renovation of the Neurological Department at Methodist Hospital. This included 9 patient rooms and the nurse’s station. The renovation included gutting the area total renovation and installing ICU doors.

Elevator Project

Rather than hiring a vertical transportation service provider, Methodist Hospital turned to MPS Construction and Design for their visitor elevators. MPS renovated three elevator cabs, yet kept complete access to the hospital using this elevator block. MPS called on their design team to create special finishing ensuring that the renovated elevators matched existing main lobby decor.

Dialysis Unit

Converting a storage unit, MPS Construction and Design completed a seven bed dialysis unit for Methodist Hospital’s Dialysis Unit. This renovation included a nursing station, rooms, an isolation area and all support areas.

Air Handling Unit – Surgical Suites

The Air Handling Unit for the Surgical Suites at Methodist Hospital includes climate control, filtering, humidity processing and monitoring. MPS tore out 2 air handlers and installed system including rebuilding one air handler over the Christmas holidays. We were able to install 7 reheaters, new controls, fire alarms and a new fire suppression system. MPS kept all operating rooms up and running at all times with no disruption to the operating surgical suites.